This is North Iowa


The Middle of Everywhere

The Middle of Everywhere

The Middle of Everywhere

Small town amenities, big city access

You’ve heard the expression “The Middle of Nowhere,” to describe the most remote place on Earth.

In North Iowa, we’re living in “The Middle of Everywhere.” All your favorite places to shop, play, and tour are within easy reach of this comfortable home base.

Mason City is mid-way between Minneapolis/St. Paul to the north and Des Moines to the south. On Interstate 35, it’s a straight shot two-hour drive to either major population center, easy for a day-trip or weekend getaway. This north-south route intersects other four-lane highways like Interstate 90, the Avenue of the Saints, Highway 20, and Interstate 80. Pack a bag and get on the open roads to destinations in all directions: Cedar Falls, St. Louis, Sioux Falls, Quad Cities, and points beyond.

United’s flight service out of Mason City Airport is like having your own private plane without shelling out a fortune. United makes it easy to jump to Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, or Atlanta, and small airports throughout the region. Whether you’re planning a big-city weekend or catching a connecting flight to the world, United’s low-fare daily flights offer friendly, personal service.

All these transportation options make North Iowa convenient for business, too. Suppliers, clients, and corporate hubs are within easy access. Your products can be on the fast road to everywhere.

The best part of living in the Middle of Everywhere is having the beauty, the comfort, and the safety of small-town life without the hassle and high prices of a metropolis. It means being able to live in a community with affordable housing and work in a larger town without an aggravating commute. It means having access to Broadway-level shows at North Iowa Area Community College. It means going white-water kayaking in Charles City or jamming with a nationally-known band at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake.

Living in the Middle of Everywhere, you really can have it all.